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Weathering the Storm!

Dear Lady,

Ever get that feeling that you are caught in the middle of a huge tornado ??? I mean, like sitting smack in the middle of the Tornado, just watching it whirl along with different parts of your life experiences?

That’s me. I’m in the middle of that Tornado right now. I’m literally sitting down and looking up as things float around in my head. The what’s, why’s, when’s, and how I will fix it, but I refuse to let the Tornado pick me up. Once we let ourselves get caught in that whirl of wind, whew, hunni!!!!!! Things get out of control. I’ve hit out of control before, and that’s a place I know I never ever want to touch again.

We as ladies must teach ourselves to grab one thing at a time so that everything can make more sense mentally, physically, and emotionally. I am a super multitasker, so this method was very challenging for me Until it led me to that sit down a few years ago. Girl, sit in that Tornado and grab every piece one at a time. Discuss it with a friend, ask for help, dissect that piece until it’s done, then grab the next object from that Tornado and work it to completion.

I know sometimes we want it now, like yesterday now, but it’s okay to slow down the pace, allow yourself to figure it out, yes ALLOW!!! Treat yourself for figuring it out in a healthy way, then keep it moving. You got this, sis. Don’t stand up in that Tornado. Just allow yourself to grasp what belongs to you. You got this, sis!!!!

Lady Shanere DeLoach