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Intuitive Self Care

"Give yourself permission to be loyal to your intuition "

-Toni Jones

How is your intuition leading you to Self Care. Listen to it, honor it and apply it.

Self care is a moment by moment. What do You Require in any given moment to be happy healthy healed and whole.

Obviously some things may take more time and a little more effort however as you keep pouring into yourself moment by moment and day by day. Over time you will see a whole new you!

I for one am excited about the new you. I'm not speaking about what you accomplish, rather who you're becoming. Whatever your goals are, achieving them is great 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾loose that baby fat, finish that book, take that trip.

Yet making that decision to honor, respect & care for yourself Everyday is an Amazing accomplishment. Creating a mindset of self worth & self love is a Beautiful thing.

No lie the old me would think girl..... it's not that deep.

When you live in a society that's all about what can you do for me so much so you spend more time at work then with your family, doing things you love & taking care of Yourself.

Yes its that deep!

And that. That's worth celebrating 🍾🎊 🥳 🎉🥳 🥂

How is your intuition telling you to move today?

Listen to it, Honor it apply it.

Let's self care!

Lady Angel Conway

And Remember to ALWAYS Think Like A Lady