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Don't Stop Now!

A few of the busiest holidays have passed, and the world is finally slowing down. We no longer have Thanksgiving meals, Christmas bells ringing or New Year fireworks lighting up the sky. I can’t deny that the rush makes me feel super motivated and in the spirit to do more faster, better, and consistently.

What happens after that rush is what matters most because that will show you the actions behind those resolutions and goals that you placed in your 2023 lineup, along with everyone else. Now the court is all yours. What you gone do?!?!? Pass the ball or run with it? It’s always easier with a team, but this one is for YOU. Get ready to laugh alone, cry alone and rejoice alone...and that’s okay!!!

We are allowed to move at the pace that’s most suitable for us but just DON’T stop. Something so great and unimaginable is about to happen. I tell myself this every day, and this is what I hold on to. I see it happening in tiny puzzle pieces, but it’s happening. I know it feels like you’ve been stuck at a red light for a while but look how far you have driven these last few years without completely breaking down.

You are strong! You are resilient, and You deserve what they thought couldn’t be yours. It’s coming, JUST Don’t Stop Now!!

Lady Shanere DeLoach