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Defining You!

Dear Lady,

As I began to write today's blog, I was trying to figure out what to say. Then it dawned on me. Why does it seem like the easiest questions are usually the hardest for us to answer? For example, have anyone ever asked you to tell them more about yourself? One would think this question would be easy for anyone to rattle off a bunch of things about themselves, but you sit and begin to contemplate. Who am I? 

As you think, a bunch of thoughts begins to formulate in your head. You may hear the views of your peers, family, and foes resounding in your thoughts. As you peel back those layers to answer precisely who you are. Now think about it, are you truly representing the "YOU" you define yourself as or the you others told you that you were? 

Many of us walk around as the definition put on us from our relationships and not as we view ourselves. I challenge you today to begin to define who you are! Take a moment and write out the definition of You! 

Remember, a Lady NEVER allows the voices of others to define her. She walks the path defined by God and herself! 

Ladi Keara